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I am OBSESSED with The Beatles, Adventure Time, Regular show, The Walking Dead, Robert Sean Leonard, HOUSE MD, The Rolling Stones,Hugh Grant, Elvis, The Bee Gees, buddy Holly, The Avengers, Blythe Dolls, The Monkees, Star Wars, I also Love Psychedelic music and stuff, Vintage and Hippy stuff!
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The Client - 1994

Reggie: [upon seeing Mark's Led Zeppelin t-shirt] You like Led Zeppelin?

Mark: Yeah. Do YOU like Led Zeppelin?

Reggie: Oh, sure. They were a great band.

Reggie: I bet you've never even heard of Led Zeppelin. I bet you're just one of them grown ups who just pretends to like really cool bands just to get close to little punks like me.

Reggie: Well, I think we've covered just about everything...

Mark: Ok, what's you're favorite Led Zeppelin song?

Reggie: um... Moby Dick, live version. Bitchin' drum solo.